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Wisconsin Lakes Urgent Bulletin 1-22-13

An eLake Informational Bulletin ~ January 22, 2013

Wisconsin Legislature Introduces Mining Legislation as
First Bill of the New Session

Public Hearing Scheduled for Wed., January 23, 2013 in Madison

Late last week, Republicans introduced a bill in the Wisconsin Legisltature that would ease the permitting process for iron mines in Wisconsin. The bill largely mimics the one that failed to pass by a single vote in the Senate last fall. According to published reports, Republicans hope to have the bill passed by March, and to that end placed the legislation on a relatively fast track to approval. So far, only one public hearing has been scheduled, in Madison at the Capitol. Here's the information:

A Joint Public Hearing of the Assembly Committe on Jobs, Economy & Mining and the Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Forestry, Mining & Revenue
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 ~ 9:00am
411 South, Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison
(Click here for a link to the official hearing announcement)

Wisconsin Lakes believes that this bill, like its predecessor, contains numerous provisions that put our waters in jeaporady - the risks of which simply outweigh the benefits of the bill. We are therefore opposed to the legislation. To read more about our position on the bill and our overall position on mining, check out our Lakes Blog post on the Mining Bill. You can also get more information on this bill, follow its progress through the Legislature, and find links to its text and related documents on the Mining Bill page in our "Current Legislative and Legal Issues" section on wisconsinlakes.org. The section features individual pages on current bills, rules, and legal issues related to lakes.

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