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WI Legislature Again Considers Dredging
with no Oversight

AB935/SB789 would allow select riparians to dredge 50 cubic yards of lakebed each year with no oversight, notice to neighbors, or need for a permit

Waterfront property owners on “man-made impoundments” would be allowed to remove up to 50 cubic yards of dredge per year for navigational purposes under a bill being rushed through a soon-to-end legislative session. SB789 was given a public hearing this past Thursday, and its Assembly counterpart AB935 will be heard on Monday. The Assembly bill is also slated to be voted on by the committee on Tuesday and potentially considered later in the week by the full Assembly.

Wisconsin Lakes is opposed to this bill. The need for waterfront property owners to sometimes dredge to reach a navigational channel is a real issue and we're committed to helping riparians find an efficient way to gain approval to do so. But allowing dredging projects to go forward without a permit or oversight is not the solution. Poorly planned or executed dredging can spread invasive species, algae-inducing phosphorus, or dangerous contaminants buried in the sediment. A reasonable process to ensure property owner access to the lake while protecting the lake and other riparians can be found, but not, we believe, in this bill.

Read more about our objections to the bill and our solutions to this issue on wisconsinlakes.org

Wisconsin Lakes is OPPOSED to this bill.

    •    Attend the hearings in person
    •    Contact your own legislators, and/or members of the committee
Assembly Committee on Environment and Forestry

MON, Feb 19 ~ 12PM
   Room 300 Northeast

State Capitol, Madison

Contact information for:
Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Energy and 
Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform
To find your own legislators, click the legislature’s home page, here, and use the “Find My Legislator” tool on the upper right.