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Vilas County's Aquatic Invasive Species Updates

The Vilas County Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Partners has an ambitious agenda to address the concerns to the health and well-being of the lakes and rivers in Vilas County:

    •  Review of Clean Boats / Clean Waters efforts
    •  Priority species and their spread
    •  Cost for AIS control - past, present, and future
    •  AIS Grants
    •  Partnership Inspirations
    •  Vilas County AIS strategic planning
        -  Efforts currently underway
        -  Opportunities for partnerships
    •  Future needs of AIS partners discussion
    •  Shoreland Zoning concerns

A List of Aquatic Invasive Species documented in Vilas County as of November 2018:

Available below is a copy of the WDNR Best Management Practices for Boat, Gear, and Equipment Decontamination that details tested protocols for removing Aquatic Invasive Species from a variety of surfaces.