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North American Loon Symposium 2014

North American Loon Symposium 

October 25-26, 2014

The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute is hosting the North American Loon Symposium convening researchers, wildlife experts, state and non-profit agencies, and loon enthusiasts at Northland College in Ashland Wisconsin. A loon symposium of this size and scope has not taken place in North America in more than a decade.

Our main goals for providing this symposium include:

  • Discussing threats and concerns effecting the common loon;
  • Increasing awareness of stakeholders to current research and trends;
  • Sharing information about loons and loon habitat; and • Networking for loon enthusiasts.

The nation’s premier wilderness researchers will be presenting. Researchers such as Dr. Michael Meyer, Dr. Mark Pokras, Dr. Kevin Kenow, and Dr. Walter Piper will be presenting on topics ranging from mercury and lead toxicology, migration, and behavior. Numerous other topics such as loon banding, impacts of global warming, habitat management, wintering habitat, citizen science, and many other critical topics will be discussed by North America’s premier experts.

This is the first time a Loon Symposium of this magnitude has been held in this region, and the College and Institute is an appropriate venue. Wildlife biologist Sigurd T. Olson, son of the Institute's namesake Sigurd F. Olson, is recognized for his early contributions to our understanding of loons. His 1952 paper co-authored with William H. Marshall, "The Common Loon in Minnesota," continues to be cited as one of the premier baseline reports on the natural history of the species.

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