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Clean Boats/Clean Water

Visit the University of Wisconsin - Extension Lakes web site
for a comprehensive look at Wisconsin's Clean Boats / Clean Waters Program.

UWEXLakes Clean Boats/Clean Waters

Michigan is leading the way with AIS "Best Practices" at boat landings. MI State Law prohibits anyone to enter/leave a body of water without checking for AIS! Call your WI Legislator and encourage them to introduce a bill
to protect Wisconsin's Water Resources!

The University of Wisconsin-Extension offers helpful training videos demonstrating how to properly check your watercraft for possible AIS hitchhikers. Remembering "best practice" procedures will keep our lakes and rivers protected!

"How to Clean Your Boat" by WDNR Permission for Use granted by WDNR

Wisconsin Lake Association Members who have made the commitment
to protect their water resources can turn here to learn more about:

• How to volunteer for their Lake's watercraft inspection program
•  Identifying Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species that threaten Wisconsin's lakes, rivers, and streams
•  Locating Clean Boats / Clean Waters Training